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We supply Superol!

Sore throat or toothache? Superol works! Superol disenfects and soothes your throat. It can also be applied to cuts and wounds. Furthermore Superol can be used against moulds and fungi on plants or to desinfect animal cages.

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Bikosan replaces Amozan

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Hydrogen peroxide 35% Bik-Bik

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Hydrogen peroxide is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.
It was discovered in 1818 by Louis Jacques Thénard.

The hydrogen peroxide molecule has one oxygen atom more than the much more stable water molecule.
The bond between the two oxygen atoms, the so-called peroxide bond, is released quite easily, forming two HO radicals.
Because these radicals react easily with other O radicals (up to O2), or with other substances to form new radicals and
In order to unleash a kind of chain reaction, a solution of hydrogen peroxide is extremely reactive.

Hydrogen peroxide is used, among other things, as a disinfectant, for example in inflammations in the oral cavity, disinfection of drinking water, as a bleaching agent, for example in the bleaching of substances, teeth, bones and hair.

This disinfecting and bleaching power is caused by the oxidising effect of hydrogen peroxide.
For this reason hydrogen peroxide is widely used in laboratories and in the production of some organic substances.

In smaller aquariums it is used with a catalyst, so that oxygen is added to the water very gradually.

In pure form it was used as an oxygen supplying agent in the propulsion of the German Me 262 missile plane from the Second World War.
The disaster with the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk was probably caused by the leakage of a hydrogen peroxide tank in a torpedo.

Commercially available solutions with a strength of 35% and 3% are available; stronger solutions can be prepared but are potentially explosive and should therefore be handled with extreme caution.

Causes burns. Wash immediately after eye contact. Keep cool and out of the influence of light



This product is only delivered after consulting the necessary permits!

More information about this permit can be found here !

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