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We supply Superol!

Sore throat or toothache? Superol works! Superol disenfects and soothes your throat. It can also be applied to cuts and wounds. Furthermore Superol can be used against moulds and fungi on plants or to desinfect animal cages.

Bio-Kult maakt het verschil

 Bio-Kult is ontwikkeld door neuroloog en voedingsdeskundige Dr. Natasha - Campbell McBride voor kinderen en volwassenen met een gevoelige spijsvertering en is uitgegroeid tot het meest aanbev…

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Bikosan replaces Amozan

Oral-B's Bocasan has been off the market for quite a while. We bring you Bikosan: the same formula and the same effect. Bikosan has a disinfecting and cleansing effect. It kills many different kind…

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Kelpasan 200 tablets Bird

Productcode : 108089

Good for the thyroid, supports energy metabolism

Kelpasan A. Vogel supports the thyroid and metabolism. This is because the product is rich in iodine. It is particularly suitable for people who eat too few products in their daily diet containing a lot of iodine. Think of whole grain bread, lettuce, cabbage and seafood. Which contribute to a good metabolism.

  • Supports metabolism
  • Good for thyroid
  • Additional iodine supplement the diet
  • 100% natural

Iodine is an important building block to operate and support. Metabolism thyroid optimal Kelpasan A. Vogel is a pure natural product that is made from the unique type of seaweed Macrocystis pyrifera (large kelp). This plant is naturally rich in iodine. Kelpasan a tablet therefore contains less than 0.2 mg of iodine (the daily requirement of iodine is 0.15 - 0.2 mg).

Note: Do not use Kelpasan during pregnancy, during the period of lactation and hypersensitivity to iodine.

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