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We supply Superol!

Sore throat or toothache? Superol works! Superol disenfects and soothes your throat. It can also be applied to cuts and wounds. Furthermore Superol can be used against moulds and fungi on plants or to desinfect animal cages.

Bio-Kult maakt het verschil

 Bio-Kult is ontwikkeld door neuroloog en voedingsdeskundige Dr. Natasha - Campbell McBride voor kinderen en volwassenen met een gevoelige spijsvertering en is uitgegroeid tot het meest aanbev…

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Bikosan replaces Amozan

Oral-B's Bocasan has been off the market for quite a while. We bring you Bikosan: the same formula and the same effect. Bikosan has a disinfecting and cleansing effect. It kills many different kind…

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Vitamin K2 180mcg as Menaq7 crystals 60capsules Vitals

Productcode : 879060

New and unique in the Netherlands! Vitals now delivers the latest form of Vitamin K2: MenaQ7 ® Crystals. Developed by Vitamin K2 Natto Pharma specialist. This is the only natural form of vitamin K2 with a MK-7 content of more than 95%. In addition, this new product soy-free, suitable for vegetarians and has a better price.

Menaquinone-7 (MK-7) is a natural form of vitamin K2 produced by fermentation. Natural Vitamin K2 MK-7, often alongside also contains some MK-4, MK-6 and MK-9 (even though it is not on the label), but other shapes can provide competition and reduce the bioavailability of the preparation. Therefore MenaQ7 Crystals developed. These menaquinone-7 in crystal form is the only natural vitamin K2 with a MK-7 content of more than 95%.

Other advantages of MenaQ7 Crystals that no soy are used in the production process so that the final product is free of common allergens. Vitals offers MenaQ7 Crystals in a vegetarian capsule making this product is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

If you are using a coumarin derivative (this is a specific type of anticoagulant such as warfarin that just the threat of liver upsets to process vitamin K), talk with (orthomolecular) doctor before using. Vitamin K2 supplement

1-2 capsules daily with a (fat-containing) meal with plenty of water or as recommended.

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